Our Assets

A Diverse Talent Base

Molecular Connections provide a unique interdisciplinary and international work environment. Our teams of scientists, technologists and business experts, include Post Graduates (MS/M. Sc./M.Phil), Doctorates (Ph.Ds), Engineers, and MBAs from reputed institutions in India, Europe, and the US. A preferred employer by many institutions, MC collaborates with some of the best life sciences institutes in India to source its talent. Our continuous learning opportunities and the ability to rapidly translate learning into actions have been attracting top talent from universities of repute, employee branding, six sigma & ISMS process training, etc.

A Digital Agile Framework

Our agile delivery model supported by a rich talented pool gives us a competitive edge in the digital market. Our ability to innovate, evolve, personalize client’s specific needs coupled with our technical expertise has helped us deliver services that have accelerated customers digital journey.

AI, Powered by Human Cognition

Our framework seamlessly integrates AI/ML, analytics, and our domain expertise to provide compelling solutions to our clients and enable their digital transformation journey. Our domain expertise of over 2,700 scientists knows the exact technology to address your critical business challenges by making most of your data. We are shaping the future of Life-Science, Pharma, and Publishing with our rapid prototyping, applied AI, and innovation at scale. 

Alliance Designed for Business Value

We collaborate with leading technology partners to further strengthen our business solutions. . MC’s brilliant teamwork and strong partner ecosystem have led to many successes. With our partners like Pistoia, ISB, Unsilo, EBI, Rothamstead University etc. we have been able to address customer’s specific issues and develop tools and methodology to deploy the exceptional solutions.